Due to the busy lifestyles people have adopted, it has become hard for most women to conceive at an early age because before they know it age is catching up with them. Many women have an obsession of attaining career goals before they can think of making babies. This has led to increase in the number of women who conceive after the age of 40. Women who conceive after 40 all have their own reasons why they are doing that. There are very many myths and beliefs about conceiving after 40 and despite all this women can still conceive. The fertility level is said to decrease with age after the age of 30 and therefore conception after 40 is believed to be a challenge,this has led to some women adopting fertility treatments to help them conceive at a faster rate. There are factors however this women can keep in mind to ensure their fertility remains in check if they are planning on conception after 40.

Can one get pregnant after 40?

Getting pregnant after 40

The absolute answer is yes though it dependent on many factors. Some of the factors include:
The lifestyle one adopts is very important as it has a major implication on health of an individual. It is believed that exercises help in increasing the cell renewal rate and therefore this might help in increasing the fertility rate. Smoking, drugs, and alcohol is said to decrease the fertility rate. Women who drink alcohol, use drugs and smoke have low levels of fertility therefore their chances of conception are very low. In case one wants to conceive after 40 they should maintain a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking, drinking and drugs.
Chromosomal state
If the chromosomes have abnormalities it will increase the chances of having a miscarriage. This will lead to difficulties in getting pregnant.
Fertility level
The fertility level has a big implication on getting pregnant. Some women are more fertile than others due to the many factors that contribute to pregnancy. This is because with age the number and quality of eggs normally reduce and this affects the rate of getting pregnant.
These are the main factors that affect the rate of getting pregnant after 40 and they can be rectified by observing some factors in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant after 40.
Factors to consider increasing the chances of getting pregnant after 40
There are several factors that are said to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant after 40. They include:
getting pregnant after 40This has a major influence on the fertility level. It is said as one of the most effective ways of increasing fertility in women. A woman who adopts a good diet has higher chances of conception since her eggs are more fertile and of high quality. One should therefore adopt a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and omega3 acids as they contain the elements that increase the fertility levels.
It all depends on the general age of the woman who wants to conceive. At exactly 40, one is more likely to get pregnant than in the late 40s since the more the age the more the woman approaches menopause. Many women experience menopause from 45 years of age and therefore conception after 45 years of age is almost impossible. From 40 years of age, the number of eggs and the quality of eggs reduce and this explains why it is hard to get pregnant after 40.
Genetic makeup
The genetic makeup of a certain family has a great influence on the fertility level. One should take into consideration the genetic makeup of their family if they plan to conceive after 40. They should consult the doctor to know what they can do.
Medical treatments
medical treatments such as fertility problems is said to greatly help in increasing the fertility problems especially for women who are over 45 years of age since for them it is almost impossible to conceive naturally. There are a variety of fertility treatments that have been adopted such as if and ices.
Donor eggs can also help in increasing the conception chances since the eggs are more fertilized than the one the woman wanting to conceive after 40 has. This will also help in decreasing the chances of miscarriages and chromosomal problems.

Pros and cons of conception after 40

Even though conception after 40 is late, it has its own advantages. They include:
• With conception at 40 most women have a good financial plan for their babies to come and they also have achieved their career goals. It is therefore very convenient for the women and the baby as they will not have financial constraints.
• Most couples who want to conceive after 40 have probably stayed together or dated for a while there for the baby will have a good foundation since the parents are well conversant with each other.
• With a higher age, most women have matured therefore are likely to make good decisions on parenting. They are therefore more likely to raise their children well as compared to those who are young mothers.
• most women at 40 have more focus on the child other than themselves and this is very advantageous for the baby since they will be given more attention and the chances of them having personality problems is minimized.
• In the 40s the chances of getting twins is higher because two eggs may be released at one time during ovulation as a result of the hormones working harder.
Conceiving at 40 has more negative implications as compared to conception at a younger age. The main disadvantage is that you are likely to have certain medical conditions. They include:
• hypertension
• low lying placenta
• placenta abruption
• gestational diabetes
• pre eclampsia
• delivery problems leading to delivery through caesarian
• bad baby positions during birth
• low birth weight
• pre mature births
Pregnancy after 40 is very tricky and therefore one should be keener for successful conception.



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